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The images shown on this website ARE NOT in the Public Domain.

The images and online catalog on this website are the copyright of File.Spec and are protected by international copyright laws.

You DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION to copy, save, store, print, publish, reproduce, manipulate, alter, transmit, project, link to, use commercially or privately in any form, the images or any part of the images, without the expressed written permission of File.Spec or its legal representatives in the form of a "License to Use" issued in your name and specifying the exact rights granted to you and the named end-user and receipt of payment in full of the total fee specified on the license.

CAUTION: Plagiarism constitutes an infringement of copyrights and/or authorship - especially where it is used in a commercial context.

If you do not understand the legal implications of copyright the links after this notice give useful information - however be aware that File.Spec has considerable experience in pursuing copyright infringement both in and out of court and thus facilitative instruments have been put in place.

Remember to specify all the rights the end-user needs. If the License to Use is not sufficiently precise - request and obtain written clarification. If a new use or extension is planned obtain written permission before going ahead. If an unauthorized use is discovered an invoice for a minimum of 10x (ten times) the Standard Fee will be issued. If that is unpaid File.Spec may sue for Copyright Infringement and seek statutory damages, all legal costs, and all court fees. File.Spec also has the right to issue press releases and enter public forums detailing infringements of its copyrights.

Brad Templeton on copyright myths


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