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It is your legal responsibility to obtain a "License to Use" to cover each use you and the end-user make of any File.Spec image.

To avoid legal doubt File.Spec does not offer a license generated automatically via a standardized form (as seen on some stock image websites.) There are no "Royalty-Free" File.Spec images or one-price value-packs. Instead our system will be quick and efficient and you won't need a law degree to interpret endless small print.

Each license is issued individually based on the information you provide in writing. It is important, therefore, that you give full and accurate details.

For legal purposes it is taken that the written information provided to File.Spec for the "License to Use" has been checked and authorized by the end-user as being full and correct in every detail prior to payment.

Any use that is additional to the rights granted in the "License to Use" (for example: a larger print-run; global, not national, distribution; use for 2 years, not 1 year) is an infringement of the File.Spec copyright and legal remedy will be sought. Please read the legal notice.

The "License to Use" only becomes legally valid when actual payment of the total license fee has been received and honoured in full - so please allow time for this procedure.

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